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LUFTKÖNIG stands for an authentic revolution in the field, leveraging the technical and technological standards of an industrial screw compressor on the markets which until some time ago were exclusively a prerogative of a piston compressor. Thanks to the Heating System that eliminates the condensate problem, LUFTKÖNIG is also designed to run discontinuously, that is at fixed intervals. Moreover, in terms of the same quantity of air released, it guarantees energy efficiency if compared to a piston compressor with the same airflow rate.

LUFTKÖNIG has specialized in the world of screw compressors giving rise to a significant development in the design of this product, by engineering and manufacturing a whole range of solutions suitable for a great number of market requests.

The latest evolution of the LUFTKÖNIG range, it is ideal for users that need a complete, user-friendly, compact station, with reduced running and maintenance costs.

LUFTKÖNIG offers a great number of available configurations, which allows a wide cost-saving choice for each productive need.